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Why Choose Our Services?


Design services for the purpose of meeting the homeowner’s needs and goals

Our design and documentation services greatly improve the understanding, and thereby the efficiency, of your project. This helps clients reduce project headaches.

The design/build process- involving the homeowner, contractor, and design team-is somewhat new to most folks, and that is understandable. We support the design/build process because of the greater accountability to which the team is held, thus the homeowner is served better. There is no-one pointing fingers as to why you cannot get the project that was designed; the homeowner is informed of the resulting investment required, and if that isn’t right, or you are not happy, the you only have to make one phone call – that’s called peace of mind.

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Design services planned and executed to help you meet and exceed your client’s expectations

 Our typical model is to partner with the contractor so that together we can provide the homeowner with a design that meets their space needs on a project that also meets their financial needs.

Utilizing a high level of communication and expertise, our clients enjoy reduced headaches, increased understanding of the project before starting, improved project efficiency, multiplied profit, and greater marketing leverage.

We use proven and repeatable procedures so our clients have come to expect a level of communication that increases cost efficiency, reduces project completion time, as well as provides an excellent source of marketing power.

We also know that contractors have headaches too. Our detailed design and documentation process is ready to give each trade what it needs to complete the tasks effectively and efficiently, and in the end everyone produces a marketable project.

Never before has the remodeling and construction process been so much fun!

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Tim provides great design, on time for a fair price. He is creative and has many ideas. He works well under pressure and delivers a great product

Gerry, Contractor

The kitchen is gorgeous….better than I had ever imagined and the baths are equally beautiful….everyone loves my “grand piano island”….and the way you framed the trees in the windows…each season they change and look great…this morning it was a dusting of snow on the branches…pretty picture!

Anne, Homeowner - Kitchen addition, bathroom remodel

I hired Tim Schrock to help sort out some design issues on a few residential remodeling projects. Tim provided a great service in a timely fashio with very creative input. The computer aided design program he uses provided my client with real time 3D information that they could review and Tim made changes “on the fly” while my client watched. The client was very impressed with the presentation. I will hire Tim again in the future to help with my construction projects.

Tim W, Contractor

Tim’s superior drafting and design skills have been a valuable resource for my company and clients. No matter how easy or complicated the design situation might be, Tim always delivers practical, value driven designs and solutions that “Wow” my clientele. If changes are needed Tim is a phone call away. Engaging Tim in the design process provides peace of mind to my clients by displaying multiple options in a 3D environment that allows them to truly visualize the end results. He makes the design process fun, interactive, and creative. When considering your design options you should speak with Tim first.

Bob, Remodeler

Tim is a great asset to our business. His attention to detail and dead line schedule exceeds our clients expectations day in day out. He has grown with our company and continues to show great leadership skills and developing his craft.

Joe, Designer

You showed us everything we wanted, but nothing what we expected. This was great!

Dave & Connie, Homeowner - Kitchen/Dining remodel

I just wanted to let you know that we love the final plans, and they look great! It was a pleasure working with you and my only regret is that we didn’t find you sooner. Penny, Homeowner