Design Build Solutions, LLC serves clients locally in Indiana, and nationwide with quality designs in a format that everyone can understand.  By also providing 24/7 access, homeowners, contractors, and all team members can understand the design of any construction or remodeling project with a click.  House being built from blueprint

How we work

Working as a design/build team, Design Build Solutions, LLC typically works with contractors to bring the best project possible to the ultimate client–the homeowner.  Since the homeowner will be using the finished project, the design should be created considering his or her personal taste.

Independent of the scope of work, (a deck addition, kitchen remodel or new construction) effective communication is key to a rewarding project. 

What this can do for you

Are you looking to control cost and time over-runs?  Remodeling nightmares?  Construction headaches?  Design Build Solutions, LLC has experience in reducing such problems.  How may we help you?

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