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More iStuff apps

by Tim Schrock 0 comments


Last month, I wrote about the apps that I’ve found useful for my new iPad and iPhone. Since then, I’ve found a few more that I wanted to share.

  • Hootsuite (can also be downloaded on Android, and used on your desktop) I would recommend a Hootsuite business account here. Social Media Management for Businesses is great because you can get a team involved in your social media endeavors. And the free account limits you on number of accounts you can add. Since I manage several Facebook pages, twitter accounts, LinkedIn, etc., I definitely needed the upgrade. I think any business would want to upgrade because of the social media tools they need to use.
  • Linea This app makes beautiful photo layouts. I wish it would do a slideshow, but other than that, it is good. You create a “line” for whatever you’d like; kids, kitchen, bath, exterior, Jones Project, etc. Each line is its own set of photography. Of course, you can show it, but you can also share the pictures with friends, or upload the pictures and print a book.
  • GoTasks This is a beautiful workflow app. I got started with Google tasks due to my last phone being an Android.  I use it to enter those tasks I want to remember for tomorrow morning, bills to pay next week, or outline how I plan to prepare for the presentation at next month’s meeting. Give a task a due date, and GoTasks will remind you when it’s due.
Have you found any good ones recently?