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Planning is critical

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Design/Build Fun Remodeling

You've heard the adage "plan your work, work your plan" right?┬áSometimes, one should just "go with their gut" and do something, but I don't think that should apply to remodeling or building in most cases; especially if you are doing structural alterations. I've heard of, and seen, too many projects where the plan was "Fire, Aim, Ready" and the project languished, and everyone was suffering because of it. Lately, we've had the opportunity to give a "master plan" type of service to several remodeling clients, and I wanted to share some of these ideas with you today. Two of the projects are residential, and one is a commercial project to build townhouses.  

Communication is Key

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Communication News

Communication is critical in remodeling projects. Whether you are the client, the general contractor, the permitting office, or a vendor/supplier, understanding the project is vital to approving a color, selecting the right parts, or scheduling the right crews to work. Today, we found another tool that helps communicate the vision to the team. SketchFab allows us to upload and share a full 3D model with the team and it is online so no special software to purchase. You can move around the model with your mouse. Check out this 3D model of recent addition project in Frankfort, Indiana below.