3D X-ray for Preservation

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Old barn

Rendering of the existing conditions of an old barn

A recent project for one of our clients was a fun project for a couple of reasons. Two reasons are that they are restoring an old structure, and the other is that the structure isn’t our typical home. In fact, it’s not a home at all: it’s a barn.

Knowing that the barn needed much structural care, our client, Hudson Valley Preservation, contracted with the barn’s owner to create a 3D x-ray of the structure. The team spent quite a bit of time measuring the existing conditions, taking pictures, and communicating some serious details to us. Because of this work, we were able to create these interactive models.

This skeleton view of just the structure, and the red “beams” indicate where the barn has sagged for many reasons, shows the owners exactly what is needed and where.

by Design Build Solutions
on Sketchfab

This model allows the owners to “walk” thru the model and recognize the building for where it sits today.

Whole Model
by Design Build Solutions
on Sketchfab

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