Why Design/Build?

Why Design Build Solutions, LLC was started…

I was working for a contractor in early 2000’s when I noticed that homeowners needed service in a different manner than was typically available. Two issues were appearing many times. First, with emerging computer technology, 3D modeling was moving into the residential market. Using this technology allows the homeowner AND the contractor (including all applicable team members) to see exactly how the project will look.

The other issue appearing on the horizon was that homeowners would come to the contractor thinking that their plans were going to cost a certain amount of money. However, when the actual numbers got onto paper, their idea and number on paper did not coincide.

There Is a Better Way

To counteract both of these issues in residential new construction and remodeling construction, I looked for alternatives and found the design/build process. This is why I strongly urge a homeowner to select a contractor early in the process.

I have seen the design/build process help both homeowners and contractors create projects that meets needs and goals, and causes project efficiency. Ultimately, everyone is served well because of a higher form of communication. My team and I have had too many projects where we’ve cleaned up the troubles of other design professionals, and it’s always sad to us to hear of these circumstances because we know it could have been better.

A Vision of Excellence

Each project is approached with the vision of making the home better for those living within. We know that excellence can be pursued, and achieved, for each project. Sadly, we all know and hear of projects that go wrong, which does not need to happen. The teams with which we ally ourselves has cleaned up too many projects to believe that the status quo is the best option.

My mission is achieved when this excellence is realized with beautiful designs and solid, complete information on the final plans.

Tim Schrock



Our Clients

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Design Build Solutions, LLC serves homeowners and contractors locally in Central Indiana (Zionsville, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Lebanon, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Frankfort, and Crawfordsville areas) as well as an expanding list of clients nationwide (including Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut) with live design presentation and 24/7 communication.

You ask, “How can you work long distance?” We work long distance very regularly using the latest communication technologies. If you think our service can help you, contact us.


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