Communication is key to a good remodeling project

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Master Suite addition, exterior

Master Suite addition, exterior

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients with dozens of contractors. The sad projects are the ones that we’ve been asked to rescue: those projects where the original architect/designer messed things up so horribly, that the owner fired them, and hired us. These are sad because it could have been so much better the first time around.

The main complaint with these projects, and any project we’ve seen that goes awry, is a huge lack of communication. Too often, the homeowner feels disrespected in their needs and wishes, because the professional (architect, designer, or contractor) doesn’t listen to them; doesn’t design what they want or need; or doesn’t respect their financial needs as well.

So, we promote the design/build method of project delivery – where the homeowner has complete control to make qualified decisions on what their project looks like and what it costs, at the same time.

A recent client asked us to design a master suite addition. Using this system, they were able to see what their project could be, and know from the contractor that this project would fit within their desired investment range. They also were given qualified information when they asked for the addition to be stretched just a bit larger. They could justify and afford the additional investment, and knew that their laundry room would fit their needs much better.

Here is a 3D view of their project.

Master Suite Addition
by Design Build Solutions
on Sketchfab

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