I have an idea, who do I call first?

Good question. You’re not alone – many people have the same question. Who should you call first – designer or contractor?

Our professional advice is to call a design/build team. Your project will require both professions. You deserve the respect of seeing and controlling what your project will be and what your investment will be in your project.

There is hope. Your project can be the best. We reduce headaches and frustration for our clients who follow this different and unique process. Contact us; we can connect you with a reputable contractor who will be a part of the team and fulfill your design within your financial investment. Why not start now?

Why do I need a designer?

Great question. While our clients appreciate the fun, speed, and accuracy we offer with each design solution, it is the creative solutions and unique attention we bring to their project individually that they appreciate most.

What style designs do you create?

Each project is a unique challenge. Some are challenging because of the space in which we must be limited, while others have limits because of the client’s financial investment range. But for style, we have an eclectic taste. Because most of our projects are remodeling projects, we take the lead from the existing house and work to add to, or improve, it.

What makes you unique?

We have found that the solutions that include our client’s best interest come from the teamwork we bring to each and every project. We have a team of designers looking at your project from all possible angles. We work closely with the contractor to ensure that it can be built, and we encourage this relationship because it also helps our clients control their financial investment up front. And finally, we believe we are a team with the homeowner, designing their dreams, not ours.

How can planning my project be fun?

What would you call a “fun” and “enjoyable” experience? If you spent two hours virtually walking thru your new project with a team of people who are dedicated to your needs and goals, watched everything on the big screen with laser pointers in your hand, and were allowed to make changes and achieve exactly what you wanted, would that be enjoyable?

Unfortunately, too many design and build teams present their ideas, and if you have other ideas, they will have to get back to you in a week or two on that idea. Our team doesn’t work that way. Yes, there are times when a client asks for such a large change that we have to get back to them, but that is a rare occurrence.

Typically, within a two hour presentation, we’ve shown our clients a couple of solutions, we’ve presented them with the financial investment that each would take, and we’ve meshed some form of the options into another option altogether that fits the clients’ tastes and wishes even better. So much is accomplished during this meeting, that we don’t realize the time has passed already. Then, we share that 3D model with them online so that they can go over it again and again.