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Every new project is exciting for us to begin as each is a new challenge to design an attractive building. But each project also brings the opportunity to work with a new set of tastes, needs, desires, and limits. This project did not disappoint.

The description for this new construction home was re-iterated several times to us to have a large, open area family space. Other than that, the owners wanted 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, home office and full basement.

This is where the beauty of the design/build process works so wonderfully. Since we are also working in cooperation and collaboration with the contractor, we quickly found three things: 1) the layout of public space wasn’t quite what the owners wanted, 2) the contractor informed them of the financial investment for a house of this size, thus they were able to tell us that the investment was more than they wanted, and 3) the liked the flavor of the exterior.

So we returned to the drafting “table”. We were able to return with option 2: similar flavor, smaller footprint, and a more specific arrangement for their public spaces.

It was thru this process that these clients found their solution and were given the ability to control both what their home will look like AND their financial investment, at the same time.

You can also experience this high level of service for yourself. Contact us about your remodeling or new home construction project. We work with contractors and clients across the nation.

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