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You’ve heard the adage “plan your work, work your plan” right? Sometimes, one should just “go with their gut” and do something, but I don’t think that should apply to remodeling or building in most cases; especially if you are doing structural alterations.

I’ve heard of, and seen, too many projects where the plan was “Fire, Aim, Ready” and the project languished, and everyone was suffering because of it.

Lately, we’ve had the opportunity to give a “master plan” type of service to several remodeling clients, and I wanted to share some of these ideas with you today. Two of the projects are residential, and one is a commercial project to build townhouses.

Our first project is on a home that we’ve already performed 3 remodeling upgrades. It is a great house, and it keeps getting better. The challenge is how to improve upon one’s own design, and be critical of past work. However, I think this was accomplished. The owner was recognizing that the house has a lot of formal space, but as the kids are growing, they want informal spaces for the kids and their friends to be able to chill while doing homework. The client asked us to show them a sketch of what could feasibly happen when adding on.

Project number 2 was a fun exercise in speed. There was a potential of purchasing a property to flip it. The area could handle a great deal of improvement, so we proposed tearing down the old house and building a new one. Because of the speed required, these renderings aren’t completely refined.

Project number 3 is a commercial property which has an existing house on it. Our client wanted to see if/how he could use the existing house, and add additional units to the lot. Using some rough dimensions from old surveys, we were able to give him a couple of quick options for lot usage, and the client was able to make a qualified and informed decision on the direction he wanted to go.

This project was unique in that we didn’t go into the lengths of creating a 3D model as of yet. The client just needed some direction to be able to choose the path he wanted to go.

So, each of these clients were able to make informed decisions based upon more qualified information than they already had. They were able to see the vision of where their path could take them, and they didn’t spend much money, only to regret that expenditure later. Now they know where they are going, and what it will take to get them to the end.

Whether you are building a 14 unit townhouse project, or adding on a porch/entry (see picture below), or building a deck, planning is critical. Remodeling and building is a tricky monkey, and I’m sure you don’t want that monkey on your back. Contact us to plan your next remodeling or building project.

front entry remodel proposed

Front entry remodel proposed before/after

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