Project description

This was a fun project because of the client’s desires and the direction, and structure we had to work within. The original house was over 100 years old, but it has had a couple of additions since then. Our task was given to update the kitchen and add some space on the exterior to include larger office, mudroom, craft room and 2-car garage.

After discussing the options with the owners, we came away with the idea of an open concept kitchen/living space, 2-car garage with space for tinkering, and a connection between garage and house that could have a 2-person office, light, and somehow room for storing/working on crafts.

In the final presentation, we showed how the kitchen and living space could be more efficient in the work and storage spaces without giving up any footprint, and really making it better for entertaining. We added more windows to the kitchen to increase the light, and by removing a toy closet, found a breakfast bar space.

The office is now large enough for one person to move about, and a second to come and go as they please. For the craft room, we plan to re-use some of the old kitchen cabinet frames and finish with a laminate top.

The architecture on the exterior ties closely with the farmhouse look of gables, corbels and shutters. By moving the garage doors forward, we accomplish two things, visually, it breaks up the width of the garage, and functionally allows for a extended cab, long-bed truck with hitch to park and have room to walk around it.

Project Info

Style: Farmhouse
Category: Addition/Remodel
Rooms Affected: Kitchen, Office, Garage, Craft room, Mudroom
Location: Indiana
Collaborators: Design Solutions, Inc.
Builder: Schrier Contracting, LLC

A Slideshow of the Completed Project

I hired Tim Schrock to help sort out some design issues on a few residential remodeling projects. Tim provided a great service in a timely fashio with very creative input. The computer aided design program he uses provided my client with real time 3D information that they could review and Tim made changes “on the fly” while my client watched. The client was very impressed with the presentation. I will hire Tim again in the future to help with my construction projects.

Tim Whitehurst, Contractor