Project description

This home had its original 1970s layout, which was very broken, dark, and inefficient. The original design had a small kitchen, small dining room, and VERY large family room that was difficult to know how to furnish. Because of the layout, there were two traffic patterns parallel to each other, and they were connected at both ends which led to the front door and the garage door.

Ultimately, the separate and individual rooms made the home dark and somewhat claustrophobic.

Our design combined the two traffic paths into one, creating larger spaces and reducing inefficiency. We opened the space between kitchen and dining room to allow for a larger and open kitchen. The previous dining room became a breakfast area with space for a cafe table and chairs.

Finally, we opened the space between the dining room and family room to allow the gorgeous southern exposure to let light into the new kitchen and breakfast area on the North side of the home. We moved the dining room into the family room – there was plenty of room – and that made for a reasonable family room, generous dining space, and kitchen that was connected to the rest of the home.

Project Info

Style: Traditional
Category: Remodel
Rooms Affected: Kitchen, Breakfast area, Dining room, Family room
Location: Indiana
Collaborators: Design Solutions, Inc.
Contractor: ELK Enterprises

You showed us everything we wanted, but nothing what we expected. This was great!

Dave & Connie, Homeowners