Gold Level Design Services


Our team of draftsmen, designers, and contractors are very specific about details. The goal is to learn as much as possible about the building before tearing into it, so that we can predict what to expect when the project begins. In this way, we have found many secrets, and uncovered unique solutions to provide solutions for our client’s needs and goals.

At the beginning, we will measure the building in a very detailed and methodic manner to prove on the computer that we’ve mathematically done it correctly prior to designing your project. We don’t want to present an unqualified solution because we didn’t measure properly.


Our design style is listening: we listen to the owner for their perspective and needs, we listen to the style of the home so that when the project is complete, others can’t tell where the work was finished, and we listen to the team members for their expertise so that we are designing something that can be built within the owner’s investment range. Listening is critical.


Teamwork is the core of our service. We have a team of designers that will review your project and present what we believe to be the best for your situation.

We work as a team member with the contractor, engineer, trades and with you, the homeowner, to meet your needs and goals. Our experience has shown that more than one viewpoint looking at the project ultimately makes the best project all around.

Construction Support

As remodeling is difficult, projects do, from time to time, run into unforeseen issues, and the field crew needs more detailed information. They may need to send us more info as the walls, ceilings, and floors are laid bare and can now see exactly what it was that we alerted them to look for.

With this clarity, we are a phone call away from giving exactly the information needed to keep the crews working.

ThinkFast Design Level


The ThinkFast level of design is not geared to serve larger projects nor selective homeowners who have fine taste. ThinkFast is a lightning fast process, so not much design time, nor details, are put into the project at this level.

This level is best suited for “gut & replace” projects and smaller additions. It does include Construction Documentation in PDF format to print (commonly sized at 11×17 or 24×36 paper).

If the permitting process requires changes due to setback or zoning restrictions, a revision fee will be charged. Otherwise, permitting changes to show specific numbers, scope, or an extra detail is included.

Comparison of Services


Gold Level

Payment Up Front – In Full 2 – 4 phases
Fine Design Limited Yes
Design Options 1 revision up to 5 revisions/options
Presentation eMail Live/Web Conference
Team Design/Review No Yes
 Project modeled in context  Limited  Yes
 Grading Modeled  Optional  Yes
 3D Virtual Tour  Optional  Yes
 Demo plans/Elevations  Light  Full
 Engineering Coordination  Optional  Yes
 Window/Door review with Rep  No  Yes
 3D framing Plans  No  Yes
 Riser Diagrams  No  As Required
 Details  Typ. Sections  Fully Detailed
 Electrical  Generic Layout  Complete w/ connections
 Elevations  General Notes  Fully Detailed
 Construction Support  No  Yes

Most of our work is in the area of residential remodeling design and planning. Prices for this service start at $2 / square foot. Please call for a consultation and quote on your project.