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Apples and Oranges

by Tim Schrock 0 comments

Communication Design/Build

We all know the analogy of comparing apples and oranges, and throughout our lives, we strive to decipher the differences that we see between products, companies, services, and experiences so that we know best which one to choose. In the end, the goal is to compare apples to apples, or oranges to oranges. We do this in the produce isle all the time, right? If apples are 99 cents each, we compare one apple to another and choose the largest because it's the best price for the amount of apple we get to eat.

We want and need to compare services, but the question is how to do so

When comparing services, it is hard to know when we have truly compared apples to apples. For instance, we tend to assume that two computers will operate the same when they have the same specs. But we now know that there are some brands that don't hold up in the long run, and too often, we choose the less expensive option and end up paying the price in the end either by frustration or purchase of a replacement, or both.